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Residential/Light Commercial


Smart Homes/Home Automation

From small to large homes, our automation systems coordinate the technology in your house for your family to enjoy. Check on your home where ever you are.

Home Audit

We use cutting edge technology to provide secure, reliable and fast connectivity between the automated systems in your home. Learn more here.

Distributed Wiring
Automation Systems

Our audits cover all systems from air-conditiong and electrical to home safety. We will survey your home and advise on the best integrated solutions for your needs.

Operate all your systems from one centralised control platform enabling seamless integration of all your automated products. 


Installation & Maintenance

All of our systems are custom designed based on your requirements. Our installation technicians are trained for each system they install. 

Security Systems

We provide home security systems, protecting your family and valuables with access control, intrusion systems, CCTV video surveillance and special systems. 


We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your home is safe, secure and optimised. 

Energy Consumption Reduction

Energy is a major cost for any home. We undertake energy studies of  your home to track energy use and advise on improvements in order to facilitate more energy efficieny.


IAS offers the right solution for all of your home lighting needs. Control the amount of light where and when it is needed through a centralized, remote lightpoint management interface and maximize energy efficiency.

Smoke/Gas Alarms

Get notification on your smartphone when the doorbell is pressed. See your visitors, talk to them and open the door - from anywhere in the world - via smartphone and tablet with the Doorbird video doorbell system. Find out more here.

The technology we install is easy to use. Our professional audio visual installers are fully qualified engineers and are committed to giving first class, friendly, customer service and support.

Audio Visual Installation

Bring simplicity to your life with automated systems for your home or building. Our range of residential and light commercial products and services employ premium technology to create an effortless experience.  At IAS, we will help you manage the options available to choose the right solutions tailored to your needs and technical aptitude.


Learn more about our product and service partners here.

Doorbell Sensors

Our integrated alarm systems provided the best level of protection for  your home and family warning you of potential danger.

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