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Commercial and Industrial automation has been our main focus since 1990. We have partnered with several industry leading vendors and can offer solutions for a single room or an entire multi-building, multi-use complex.  We offer solutions for most existing protocols and equipment, whether wired or wireless. In today’s connected world, instant notification access has become expected and our systems can be accessed locally or remotely. Our systems offer the latest in network security, and we regularly work with customers’ IT professionals to ensure we meet their security requirements.


We promote Synergy in buildings. It takes a great deal of planning and work to ensure that all of the various systems are working together at peak efficiency. A building with all of the systems working together will offer the smallest carbon footprint, reduced energy costs, and the highest occupant comfort levels. IAS can look at all of your systems, understand how they work, and optimize their interactions with other dependent systems to allow your building to operate as efficiently as possible. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services, and we’ll select the correct solution for your needs and budget.

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Building Automation Systems

Maximise your building's efficiency with a web-enabled management system which integrates all systems and equipment. We can install one control system for HVAC, security, access control, lighting and smoke control. 

Security/Card Access Systems

We provide commercial and industrial electronic security applications, protecting your customers, employees, products and facilities with access control, intrusion systems, and CCTV video surveillance. 

Lighting Control Systems

IAS offers the right solution for all of your lighting needs. Control the amount of light where and when it is needed through a centralized, remote lightpoint management interface and maximize energy efficiency.

Industrial Controls

Design, programming and installation of advanced process control systems using state-of-the-art technologies.

Smoke Control Systems

Protect your building's occupants and contents, facillitate fire-fighting operations, reduce risk of building damage and keep escape routes free from smoke.


Facility Audit

Our audits cover all building Management systems from HVAC, electrical, to security and life safety. We will survey the building and operational practices and advise on benchmarking, best practices, and how to get the most out of your building.

Installation & Maintenance

Our systems are custom designed based on your requirements. Our installation technicians are trained for each system they install and we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your systems operate at optimum levels. 


Upgrading a building’s automated systems while conserving the structure is a job that requires experience. It also demands an understanding of how altering the elements of a building impacts on the whole.


We provide varying levels of support up to and including 24-hour, 365 days a year technical support of all our intelligent building systems. 

Energy Consumption Reduction

Energy is a major cost component for any business. We undertake energy studies to track energy use and advise on improvements in order to facilitate a more energy efficient building.

Audio Visual Installation

We are experts in ensuring the complexities of multiple AV and Control based products are simple and reliable. Every project is approached individually so that every customer receives a system that exceeds their expectations.

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